Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Many organizations choose hyperconvergence over traditional alternative designs because it is an efficient, storage-oriented approach for VDI that delivers better performance and higher availability at a lower cost.

Case Studies

 Hyperconverged VDI Solution Dispenses Greater Patient Care for Award-Winning Hospital

Southern New Hampshire Health Systems (SNHHS) is an award-winning medical facility with 125 years of providing expert medical care, innovative health programs and preventative health resources to the community. SNHHS is an industry leader in identifying and introducing new, advantageous technologies to healthcare IT environments. The SNHSS IT team has been faced with the challenge of delivering a high availability environment to enable around the clock access to virtual desktops and resources for all its end users. These high availability and performance issues have posed a threat to the ability of their doctors to make real-time decisions that can mean the difference between life and death, thus making resolution of these problems of paramount importance. The IT team found solace upon realizing that they could revamp the system into a strategic asset for SNHHS with Pivot3’s innovative architecture.

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