Surveillance Series

Our surveillance solutions support the world’s most demanding video applications by leveraging standard server features to gain the highest throughput minus any data loss or reduction to image quality. This high performance and availability is maintained constantly, even when components fail or disks rebuild. Nodes are easy to deploy, configure and manage; plus, they are scalable to multi-petabyte capacities. Also, video and integrated systems are accessible on any device.

The Pivot3 vSTAC OS transforms commodity servers into powerful purpose-built, fault-tolerant virtual shared storage and compute nodes that can be stitched together into different configurations to support the most demanding video surveillance applications.

We can help you leverage the hardware and software features offered by Pivot3’s Surveillance Series to achieve the highest throughput without any loss of data, preventing video loss and negative impact on image quality. This high performance is sustained even when traditional infrastructure performance is significantly degraded – such as component failures and disk rebuilds.

Key Benefits

Purpose-built for video surveillance

Maximum sustained throughput to prevent video loss and image degradation

Extreme Resiliency & High Availability

Eliminates downtime and protects against critical liabilities associated with data loss

Effective Mobility

Access video and integrated systems on any device to reduce costs and improve response times and situational awareness

Simple & Cost-Effective

Delivers enterprise-class virtual storage and compute infrastructure without the added cost and complexity

Case Studies

Law Enforcement Agency Combines VDI, Long-term Storage and Video Storage Arrays within Single Hyperconverged Platform

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) resides in the most populous county in the state of New Jersey with almost a million residents dispersed across approximately 70 small municipalities. Over the past few years the BCSO’s staff and responsibilities have multiplied rapidly at the same time that the agency has increased video security coverage for more county facilities. Consequently, the BCSO had to deal with an overburdened data center as it continued to look to add more capabilities for both video surveillance and desktop support.

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2016 Leicester City F.C. Trusts Pivot3 with Their Most Critical Video Data

Following a required security update in 2013, Leicester City F.C.’s small IT department faced the challenge of finding a video surveillance solution that could ensure continuous, high quality recording across their surveillance infrastructure as well as make it easily accessible by both the club and law enforcement personnel. Dynamic hyperconvergence provider Pivot3 partnered with ADT Security Services and Milestone Systems, providing the software-defined video surveillance infrastructure for ADT’s successful bid to supply security solutions for King Power Stadium.

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Solutions Briefs

Superior IT Infrastructure for Law Enforcement Surveillance Applications

Eroding public trust and increased requirements for liability protection and officer accountability have heightened the demand for video surveillance solutions in the field. With the growing importance of body-worn cameras, video surveillance plays an important role in reducing liability, aiding investigations, and improving officer accountability. This growing importance has now caused an increased need for police departments to store rapidly increasing volumes of data and protect it from loss as well as chain of custody violations. To address these needs, many law enforcement departments are turning to public cloud solutions for data storage. However, there are growing concerns over the feasibility of cloud based solutions to alleviate the data storage issues facing law enforcement agencies. Pivot3 surveillance solutions deliver highly reliable, scalable and cost effective server and storage infrastructure perfect for law enforcement surveillance applications like body worn cameras.

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An easy-to-use solution that supports the increasing demands of modern video surveillance

The nature of school security has changed dramatically over the last decade. Recent high profile incidents have demonstrated the need for tools that improve both the school’s and law enforcement’s ability to prevent, quickly respond to and mitigate security breaches, driving school district administrators to seek out the most effective systems to protect their students and staff. Traditional IT infrastructures are too costly and complex to effectively manage massive amounts of video data and sustain the performance levels mission-critical surveillance systems require. The modern school district requires enterprise-class resiliency and storage efficiency to mitigate the costs and liability associated with critical video data loss. Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for video surveillance offers shared SAN storage and virtual server infrastructure in cost-effective, offthe-shelf server hardware.

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