PCIe Flash Storage Arrays

Our flash storage solution delivers dependable, industry-leading performance in a cost-effective, easily manageable way. It leverages PCIe flash and Quality of Service (QoS), which allows you to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by governing performance targets, data placement, and I/O prioritization. Plus, you can automate and schedule QoS settings, from a LUN/datastore level down to an individual VM/VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk)— significantly saving time on managing data protection and performance.

Engineered for Performance with PCIe Flash Architecture

PCIe-flash integration means that flash is closest to RAM and CPU on each storage processor for lowest latency performance. Our innovative multi-tier architecture is designed to encompass RAM, PCIe-flash, SSDs and HDDs storage tiers, as well as future media types, all managed by Storage QoS to deliver on your application SLAs.

Dynamic Quality of Service

Pivot3’s Dynamic QoS allows business to meet application SLAs with easy to manage policies that emphasize performance, prioritize workloads, and manage data placement and protection. With the ability to automate and schedule granular QoS settings, from a LUN/datastore level down to an individual VM/VMDK, Dynamic QoS significantly reduces the time it takes to manage performance and data protection.

Case Studies

Putting Members First with a Faster, More Responsive Data Center

Over the past several years Consumers Credit Union’s customer base has increased by around 40% causing there to be 83,000 members who need access to financial information both during business hours at branches and online 24/7. As a result there is a greater emphasis on being a digital business than ever before. This emphasis on digital business has subsequently created an increased need on the part of Consumer Credit Union to revamp its data center technology. To combat this growing issue, Consumer Credit Union turned to Pivot3 for a solution.

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