Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Our hyperconvergence solution provides simplicity, efficiency, resiliency and performance by aggregating storage, compute, and networking resources into a single user interface. With its higher level of availability and fault tolerance, it also prevents data loss and ensures business continuity across all workloads and use cases.

Users enjoy increased performance and efficiency for all virtual machines as well as higher storage capacity, while also allowing the IT team to easily scale out linearly as business needs change. Plus, our hyperconvergence solution is self-monitoring, self-optimizing, and self- healing—eliminating a lot of guesswork and freeing up IT staff. We also offer flexible deployment options in the form of preconfigured appliances or software-only that can be installed on a hardware platform of your choice.

Pivot3’s all-new HCI software platform is the industry’s first priority-aware hyperconverged solution that enables IT to confidently consolidate multiple mixed application workloads. Compared to conventional hyperconverged solutions, this all-new software platform blows away the competition and with the simplicity of advanced policy-based management, businesses can now extend the cost and efficiency benefits of hyperconvergence across more of their datacenter.

vSTAC OS natively combines storage, compute, networking and virtualization resources into a modular, x86 building block that can be rapidly deployed to run any enterprise application with industry-leading performance, scale, resilience and efficiency.

Case Studies

2016 Leicester City F.C. Trusts Pivot3 with Their Most Critical Video Data

Following a required security update in 2013, Leicester City F.C.’s small IT department faced the challenge of finding a video surveillance solution that could ensure continuous, high quality recording across their surveillance infrastructure as well as make it easily accessible by both the club and law enforcement personnel. Dynamic hyperconvergence provider Pivot3 partnered with ADT Security Services and Milestone Systems, providing the software-defined video surveillance infrastructure for ADT’s successful bid to supply security solutions for King Power Stadium.

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Law Enforcement Agency Combines VDI, Long-term Storage and Video Storage Arrays within Single Hyperconverged Platform

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) resides in the most populous county in the state of New Jersey with almost a million residents dispersed across approximately 70 small municipalities. Over the past few years the BCSO’s staff and responsibilities have multiplied rapidly at the same time that the agency has increased video security coverage for more county facilities. Consequently, the BCSO had to deal with an overburdened data center as it continued to look to add more capabilities for both video surveillance and desktop support.

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Service Provider Builds World-Class Hosting Platform with Pivot3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Anderson IT Management recently added private cloud infrastructure services to its portfolio of customized data protection and managed services. The private cloud offering allows the company to host customer business services, run backup and business continuity operations from geographically distributed locations, and host virtual desktops for flexible working environments. Anderson seeks to find a more efficient infrastructure solution than their current server/SAN model for their private cloud offering. After reviewing competitive solutions, Anderson IT chose Pivot3 as the foundation for its cloud hosting platform.

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