Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is arguably the most essential security tool for public and private entities such as law enforcement agencies, government organizations, casinos, retailers, schools, and utilities.

Recently, trends in video analytics have created greater demand for video surveillance capability with uses that go beyond security. For example, retailers use video surveillance to conduct market and behavioral research. With advanced video analysis of the customer experience, they can determine the best ways to improve store operations— like designing a better traffic flow, stocking the most appropriate merchandise or adjusting staff schedules and training procedures. Transportation and highway authorities are now using video surveillance and analytics to not only react to accidents, but also to prevent them. Specifically, they analyze video footage to detect traffic patterns and hazards in order to model optimal traffic flow and improve road safety conditions.

But, video surveillance presents a major challenge for entities that have increased their number of cameras and yet need to maintain or improve their storage capabilities. Retaining highly accessible video footage is crucial. And, organizations need to be able to easily and cost-effectively expand their video storage capability over time, especially since storage alone can account for 50 percent of the cost of a surveillance system.

Our hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions are purpose-built to provide server and storage capability to effectively handle write-intensive video surveillance workloads and provide 99.9999 percent uptime. With exceptional scalability and resilience, our video surveillance storage solution features virtual servers with high-availability shared storage, an approach that eliminates the need for separate physical servers, thereby, reducing operating costs by up to 40 percent.

Case Studies

Law Enforcement Agency Combines VDI, Long-term Storage and Video Storage arrays within Single Hyperconverged Platform

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) resides in the most populous county in the state of New Jersey with almost a million residents dispersed across approximately 70 small municipalities. Over the past few years the BCSO’s staff and responsibilities have multiplied rapidly at the same time that the agency has increased video security coverage for more county facilities. Consequently, the BCSO had to deal with an overburdened data center as it continued to look to add more capabilities for both video surveillance and desktop support.

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2016 Leicester City F.C. Trusts Pivot3 with Their Most Critical Video Data

Following a required security update in 2013, Leicester City F.C.’s small IT department faced the challenge of finding a video surveillance solution that could ensure continuous, high quality recording across their surveillance infrastructure as well as make it easily accessible by both the club and law enforcement personnel. Dynamic hyperconvergence provider Pivot3 partnered with ADT Security Services and Milestone Systems, providing the software-defined video surveillance infrastructure for ADT’s successful bid to supply security solutions for King Power Stadium.

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