Transportation authorities and operators are working under increasingly difficult budgetary, legal and regulatory constraints. Plus, they are constantly tasked with meeting stricter security requirements that include heavy video surveillance to safeguard transportation hubs like rail stations, airports, and seaports. Therefore, video storage and system protection are top priorities for transportation and logistics data centers.

The cost-effective flexibility of a hyperconverged infrastructure lets transportation authorities and operators avoid unplanned downtime, improve data storage capacity, and prioritize performance—all while meeting or exceeding financial objectives and regulatory compliance standards.

Case Studies

Global Transportation Firm Drives Strategic Growth with Pivot3 Hyperconvergence

Leman’s aggressive business expansion has introduced new challenges and opportunities for the company’s IT organization. After completing an acquisition in 2015, Leman’s IT team kicked off an expansive IT modernization effort to better serve the needs of its distributed employees, customers and 100+ partners around the world. It needed to replace its decentralized IT structure and processes used to provision and update user desktops and applications in Europe with a centralized solution that could streamline processes across its entire European and North American operations.

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