Service Providers

IT services and solutions providers recommend hyperconvergence to their customers who want to eliminate the complexity that comes from using multiple appliances for storage, management, and backup. A hyperconverged infrastructure solution offers more for less: fast backup, simple and efficient management, and vastly increased storage capacity. For customers planning a renovation, upgrade or refresh of their data center; choosing HCI over legacy architecture will not only bring the needed IT infrastructure update, but it will also simplify operations, remove silos, and lower the TCO.

Case Studies

Service Provider Builds World-Class Hosting Platform with Pivot3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Anderson IT Management recently added private cloud infrastructure services to its portfolio of customized data protection and managed services. The private cloud offering allows the company to host customer business services, run backup and business continuity operations from geographically distributed locations, and host virtual desktops for flexible working environments. Anderson seeks to find a more efficient infrastructure solution than their current server/SAN model for their private cloud offering. After reviewing competitive solutions, Anderson IT chose Pivot3 as the foundation for his cloud hosting platform.

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