In 2010, the U.S. federal government launched the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative to cut the number of government-operated data centers. The Initiative’s goal is to reduce equipment and operational costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve IT security.
To lessen their data center footprint, hundreds of government entities and organizations choose hyperconvergence as their IT infrastructure solution because of its scalable architecture, simple roll-out and the greater flexibility it provided the IT team. The scalability of a hyperconverged infrastructure lets you start at a level you are comfortable with and then add storage and computing capability on an as-needed basis.
Through its SAN and server solutions, a hyperconverged infrastructure is ideal for video surveillance and can meet the most demanding workload requirements with a 99.9% uptime and high data availability that prevents loss of video and image degradation—something that is critical for law enforcement agencies (federal, state and local).

Case Studies

Law Enforcement Agency Combines VDI, Long-term Storage and Video Storage Arrays within Single Hyperconverged Platform

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) resides in the most populous county in the state of New Jersey with almost a million residents dispersed across approximately 70 small municipalities. Over the past few years the BCSO’s staff and responsibilities have multiplied rapidly at the same time that the agency has increased video security coverage for more county facilities. Consequently, the BCSO had to deal with an overburdened data center as it continued to look to add more capabilities for both video surveillance and desktop support.

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Superior IT Infrastructure for Law Enforcement Surveillance Applications

Eroding public trust and increased requirements for liability protection and officer accountability have heightened the demand for video surveillance solutions in the field. With the growing importance of body-worn cameras, video surveillance plays an important role in reducing liability, aiding investigations, and improving officer accountability. This growing importance has now caused an increased need for police departments to store rapidly increasing volumes of data and protect it from loss as well as chain of custody violations. To address these needs, many law enforcement departments are turning to public cloud solutions for data storage. However, there are growing concerns over the feasibility of cloud based solutions to alleviate the data storage issues facing law enforcement agencies. Pivot3 surveillance solutions deliver highly reliable, scalable and cost effective server and storage infrastructure perfect for law enforcement surveillance applications like body worn cameras.

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