Many academic institutions are experiencing ever-increasing demand from students, faculty, and security professionals for access to data because of the surge in online educational and more widespread need for video surveillance. A hyperconverged IT infrastructure solution helps many education institutions significantly reduce the risk of data loss, improve performance, increase resilience and comply with regulatory laws in a simplified, cost-effective way. Due to the scalability of hyperconvergence, administrators can reduce capital (CAPEX) and operating expenditures (OPEX) by buying only what they need when they need it.
Video surveillance helps institutions ensure the safety and security of students and staff; and state laws require that schools protect and properly store video data. A hyperconverged solution makes complying with those laws that much easier and is much simpler to deploy and manage than a conventional data center infrastructure.

Case Studies

An easy-to-use solution that supports the increasing demands of modern video surveillance

The nature of school security has changed dramatically over the last decade. Recent high profile incidents have demonstrated the need for tools that improve both the school’s and law enforcement’s ability to prevent, quickly respond to and mitigate security breaches, driving school district administrators to seek out the most effective systems to protect their students and staff. Traditional IT infrastructures are too costly and complex to effectively manage massive amounts of video data and sustain the performance levels mission-critical surveillance systems require. The modern school district requires enterprise-class resiliency and storage efficiency to mitigate the costs and liability associated with critical video data loss. Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) for video surveillance offers shared SAN storage and virtual server infrastructure in cost-effective, offthe-shelf server hardware.

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