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Introduction to Hyperconvergence

Pivot3 improves the simplicity and economics of the enterprise datacenter with industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure technology. By combining storage, compute, networking and virtualization on commodity hardware, Pivot3 provides software-defined platforms that let IT run multiple, mixed application workloads on a single infrastructure while guaranteeing performance to the applications that matter most.

Pivot3’s agile infrastructure solutions extend performance, scale and efficiency across more of the datacenter so customers can keep pace with the demands of modern business.  With over 2,400 customers in 54 countries and 18,000 hyperconverged deployments in multiple industries such as healthcare, government, transportation, security, entertainment, education, gaming and retail, Pivot3 is redefining HCI with smarter infrastructure solutions.



Hyperconvergence takes the complexity out of managing an IT infrastructure by consolidating all functionality (i.e. compute, storage, and network) into a single, scalable application.


Hyperconvergence allows you to add compute and storage capacity when you need it. Hyperconvergence also has the flexibility to integrate with your existing legacy environments.


In 2016, more than 6 million records were compromised because of data breaches. A hyperconverged solution anticipates failures, pre-empts problems, ensures rapid data recovery and business continuity.


Our hyperconverged solution can significantly reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, with a 40% lower, on average, total cost of ownership (TCO) for compute and storage efficiency.

One Solution. Multiple Applications

Our solutions will benefit your staff, customers and investors alike—not to mention your bottom line.

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