The Benefits.

You can have it all—there’s no more need for compromise.


Hyperconvergence takes the complexity out of managing an IT infrastructure by consolidating all functionality (i.e. compute, storage, and network) into a single, scalable application.


Hyperconvergence lets you scale compute and storage capacity when you need it. And, it offers flexibility to integrate with your existing legacy environments.


In 2016, more than 6 million records were compromised because of data breaches. A hyperconverged solution anticipates failures, pre-empts problems, ensures rapid data recovery and business continuity.


Our hyperconverged solution can significantly reduce both CAPEX and OPEX, with a 40% lower, on average, total cost of ownership (TCO) for compute and storage efficiency.

The Solutions.

Our solutions will benefit your staff, customers and investors alike—not to mention your bottom line.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

A hyperconverged infrastructure is the best, most cost-effective solution for disaster recovery because it leverages compute and storage efficiencies to accelerate backup and disaster recovery operations.

Video Surveillance

A hyperconverged infrastructure is a highly suitable and scalable solution for video surveillance workloads because it increases data security, improves mobility, and enhances performance levels—all while reducing costs.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Many organizations choose hyperconvergence over traditional alternative designs because it is an efficient, storage-oriented approach for VDI that delivers better performance and higher availability at a lower cost.

Data Center Consolidation

Hyperconvergence helps the IT team avoid the headache of data center consolidation because it eliminates unnecessary complexity, increases flexibility, and reduces costs.

Server Virtualization

Hyperconvergence is a modern approach to infrastructure workloads that helps organizations efficiently eliminate silos and operate all virtualized workloads in a single, homogenous appliance.

Remote & Branch Office (ROBO)

When your staff is scattered across different geographic locations, a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the perfect way to create a centralized, secure, and efficient data center operation.


The Products.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Our hyperconvergence solution provides simplicity, efficiency, resiliency and performance by aggregating storage, compute, and networking resources into a single user interface. With its higher level of availability and fault tolerance, it also prevents data loss and ensures business continuity across all workloads and use cases. Users enjoy increased performance and efficiency for all virtual machines and higher storage capacity, while the IT team can easily scale out linearly as business needs change. Plus, our hyperconvergence solution is self-monitoring, self-optimizing, and self- healing—eliminating a lot guesswork and freeing up IT staff. We also offer flexible deployment options in the form of preconfigured appliances or software-only that can be installed on a hardware platform of your choice.


PCIe Flash Storage Arrays

Our flash storage solution delivers dependable, industry-leading performance in a cost-effective, easily manageable way. It leverages PCIe flash and Quality of Service (QoS), which allows you to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by governing performance targets, data placement, and I/O prioritization.  Plus, you can automate and schedule QoS settings, from a LUN/datastore level down to an individual VM/VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk)— significantly saving time on managing data protection and performance.


Surveillance Series

Our surveillance solutions support the world’s most demanding video applications by leveraging standard server features to gain the highest throughput minus any data loss or reduction to image quality. This high performance and availability is maintained constantly, even when components fail or disks rebuild.  Nodes are easy to deploy, configure and manage; plus, they are scalable to multi-petabyte capacities. Also, video and integrated systems are accessible on any device.



With an IT-as-a-Service infrastructure model, organizations can get the technology resources they need on a pay-per-usage basis. This utility-based model can be implemented on-premises or at a managing service provider location. There is no need to buy equipment or install software, which means less expensive and simpler IT operations. So, companies can redirect resources and capital to other activities that benefit their core business and competencies.  The ITaaS model has all the benefits of public and private clouds such as AWS or Microsoft Azure.  With a full scale-out application platform, ITaaS delivers true cloud agility, flexibility, and better economics within the datacenter—allowing organizations to freely direct workloads to the appropriate resources.


The Players.

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